Friday, July 8, 2011

Aamir Khan denies offending Anil Kapoor

Aamir Khan denies offending Anil Kapoor
A spoof on Bollywood legends, in an item number for 'Delhi Belly,' which will incidently introduce Aamir Khan as ‘Item Boy’ has not gone well with some. Aamir Khan and his fans must be thrilled with the actor’s amazing item number ‘I Hate You’ from “Delhi Belly”, but this has certainly not gone fine with our Mr. India aka Anil Kapoor.
Aamir Khan has openly accepted taking references from yesteryears actors but this seems to have upset a few people, especially actor Anil Kapoor, who is apparently not amused with being one of the 'inspirations' for the song.
"This song is my tribute to the disco era that included actors like Mithun da, Govinda, Jeetendra and Anil Kapoor. These actors were brilliant dancers and I have tried to imbibe my style from them. My hair is inspired by one actor and my clothes from another." Apparently, Anil is upset as he is the inspiration behind Aamir sporting a huge amount of chest hair in the item song. "Yeah, Anil may feel bad but it is a disco dance number and I haven't done this to offend anyone," says Aamir.
The actor is also hoping that Mithun da catches a glimpse of his performance. "It will be a big deal if he likes the number. I am hoping he does," he said. Remind him that the song also seems to be a take-off from the Hollywood actor John Travolta's Saturday Night Fever and he agrees adding, "Yeah, in fact, someone even suggested that I send him a copy too. I think I'll do that," he says.
Aamir is also forthcoming when asked about superstar Amitabh Bachchan not approving of using expletives in films and songs. "I absolutely agree with Mr Bachchan. I don't think he said anything wrong. In fact, after DK Bose, I have made Disco Fighter especially for him. This song is clean, with absolutely no expletives. I hope he likes this," he adds with a smile.
Ask Aamir about the buzz that a top heroine was to dance with him in the number and he says cheekily, "I approached all of them. In fact I even called each one, but strangely, no one took my call. I was left with no option but to do it myself."
Talking about the content of the film, Aamir says that he considers himself fortunate that the censor board did not suggest any cuts in the adult flick. "The entire film is being shown the way it was shot," he beams.

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