Monday, July 11, 2011

Atlantis Will Launched Up With The ISS


Space Shuttle Atlantis attached to the ISS at 15:07 GMT yesterday, on his last visit to the track outpost as the U.S. prepares to wrap the shuttle program.

Before ISS, the venerable car the usual backflip so station crew to photograph its heat shield. The snaps will be sent to ground controllers to check for any damage.


Atlantis carries Raffaello multipurpose logistics module, loaded with parts and accessories. Pilot Doug Hurley and Mission Specialist Sandy Magnus will now use the ISS Canadarm2 robotic limbs switching module of the Shuttle cargo to the Harmony node of the station.

Ground flight controllers, meanwhile, are checking reports of the U.S. Department of Defense Strategic Command is part of the Soviet Satellite COSMOS 375 is close to the ISS tomorrow afternoon pass.

NASA said yesterday: "The team expects that the updated tracking code information following docking today to decide whether a maneuver by the shuttle from the thrusters is necessary to avoid dirt."

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