Monday, July 11, 2011

Transformers : Global Hit In Hollywood $ 645 million

Los Angeles - big budget action film "Transformers: Dark of the Moon" won the match ticket office on the second straight weekend, generating $ 140 million (£ 87.5 million) worldwide ticket sales and pushing its worldwide total since its debut $ 645 million, showed studio estimates Sunday.

The third edition of the popular "Transformers" movies, was shape-shifting alien No. 1 movie in the U.S. and Canada with $ 47 million in revenue. As easily beat the two new comedies, "Horrible Bosses," which took $ 28 million, and the family film "The Zookeeper," No. 3 movie weekend $ 21 million. "Transformers" remained strong international weekend with $ 93 million in ticket sales in 59 markets, according to distributor Paramount Pictures.Overall, has the effect of a full Hollywood flick now taken $ 261 million in domestic theaters (U.S. and Canada) to be the most lucrative film to date. And it is hauled in another $ 384 million in foreign countries.

The success of 3-D sci-fi flick helped to draw audiences into theaters, the new comedy, which led to the sale of low expectations in the middle of summer, the weekend was a big new releases. 'Transformers 3' will help the market, as well, "said Paul Dergarabedian, box office analyst at 52 per cent fall in domestic ticket sales versus the movie opening weekend last week was unusually low for a large opening, he said.

"Horrible Bosses", which is concentrated in three male friends who conspired to kill bosses on average, better than expected, and adult comedies like "Hangover 2 'and' Bad Teacher 'fans continued to go this summer." Bosses "stars Jason Bateman, Jason Sudeikis, with Charlie Day and Jennifer Aniston is one of the bosses. "Animalkeeper" family-oriented comedy with Kevin James, also turned in a solid start at home and abroad, a good deal, said distributor Sony Pictures Entertainment. International sales hit $ 7500000, mainly in Germany and Mexico, has about 1,500 screens.

"Cars 2" sequel from Disney's Pixar animation studio claimed the No. 4 spot for the domestic box office charts with $ 15 million, and Cameron Diaz comedy "Bad Teacher" was a five-ndana $ 9,000,000. "Transformers" was released by Paramount Pictures, a unit of Viacom Inc., "Horrible Bosses" was distributed by Warner Bros., a division of Time Warner Inc., and "zoo" and "Bad Teacher" had a studio division of Sony Pictures Entertainment, a unit of Sony Corp., Walt Disney Co., is a

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