Saturday, July 9, 2011

GHAYAL RETURNS come back with the New style

MURDER 2 has been released and is now quite clear that the film is not the case for further Emraan Hashmi, Mallika Sherawat starrer but in reality, in addition to the franchise. The same thing is expected to house Akshay Kumar's HOUSEFULL 2 also, in principle, no connection to the original. On the other hand, DOUBLE DHAMAAL really is the story forward, and Once Upon A Time In MUMBAAI - 2 is also expected to do the same, would now GHAYAL RETURNS follow the same route as well Ajay Mehra's (character played by Sunny Deol) story is told, when he comes out of prison.
Back to strengthen Ashwini Chaudhary, director GHAYAL, "Yes, we do not use GHAYAL as a franchise. Instead it is a story that has jumped forward 20 years and is now in full swing. Sunny is still Ajay Mehra. while around him the script and the script is locked, we have some time together to get the base before the movie starts in September. "
This should solve all the speculation about whether Sunny just play with a successful formula, or rather picking up where he still GHAYAL. For the uninitiated, formerly of Sunny Deol, Santosh Rajkumar had co wonders for the box office. Not only that, but also managed to create a cult following over the past two decades to get and now has a record of sorts to see the follow-up will be made after the longest ever time difference.
"The way GHAYAL RETURNS is proven, the public would like to return to the GHAYAL and check it out again," laughs Ashwini ", especially the younger audience out there who has not seen GHAYAL, and they want to know that Aakhir Ajay Mehra KYA Hua ke saath tha. GHAYAL what they already seen, it would not hurt to go back to the drama. "Although the movie actress and the villain is not yet known, it is ready to GHAYAL RETURNS floors of the fourth quarter.

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