Friday, July 8, 2011

Mallika Sherawat lies about Kamal's 'Viswaroopam'

Mallika Sherawat lies about Kamal's 'Viswaroopam'
Mallika Sherawat who is well famous for her “less clothes more comfort’ attitude is all set to make her comeback into Kollywood with a Tamil movie “Vishwaroopam”. If reports are to be believed, the actress is claiming that she was offered a role by Kamal Hassan for his movie ‘Vishwaroopam” which is likely going to feature actress Deepika Padukone on lead.
The seductive beauty is mellowing to her near and dear that from September 2011, she will be busy for almost 20 days in a Kollywood project of Kamal Hassan. The actress who played a cameo in “Dasavaataram” of Kamal Hassan will do a similar stunt in his ‘Vishwaroopam” as well.
However, close to sources to Kamal Hassan reveal that, the versatile actor, who is now directing the movie has not approached Mallika sherawat and it is the actress, who is self claiming to be offered a role, in Kamal Hassan project in order to gain some free publicity.
Sources say that, Sonakshi Sinha mother who played spoilsport and refused to some proposed on screen kissing scenes for Sonakshi Sinha with Kamal and so Kamal Hassan is opting for more broad minded beauty like Deepika Padukone or Anushka Sharma in his project.

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