Friday, July 8, 2011

Poonam Pandey promises to Bare all soon

Poonam Pandey promises to Bare all soon
It is known news that the bikini model Poonam Pandey shot to fame with her ready offer of going nude in front of the Indian cricket team if they win the World Cup. Though Poonam Pandey could not fulfill her strip promise at the time of World Cup, But that has not changed Poonam's stand. The model, who has kept her fans waiting for long to see her strip, recently announced that she will go full monty very soon.
With the reports of her stripping MMS clip going viral online, the Kingfisher model again made headlines by baring 50 percent of her body in a bikini in online footage, assuring her fans that she will be shedding her inhibitions soon. According to a leading Daily, Poonam was quoted as saying, “I have a surprise in store for my fans and I will keep up my promise. I've told them on a social networking site that I've already stripped 50 per cent. The rest will happen soon.”
Poonam also revealed that she is quite at ease whenever she has to wear a bikinifor her photo shoots. “I am very comfortable in a bikini, be it for a shoot or for a film," Poonam told.
Talking about the leaked MMS that featured her in a two-piece bikini, Poonam said that she doesn’t have any problem with the video; instead, she went on, she liked it very much and wished to meet the person who shot it.
When asked if the MMS footage was a hoax, the model said, "It was not fake. Someone shot it during a photo shoot. I actually want to meet that person, because I liked the video. I love it when people download my photos."

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