Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Rahul's plain drama love for UP polls for farmers : BSP

Lucknow: If Rahul Gandhi put his "Kisan Padyatra" for the second consecutive day Wednesday, said Uttar Pradesh BSP statement that his "love" for farmers, but is a political drama for the upcoming parliamentary elections in the state.

"The farmers love is nothing but a political stunt and drama intended by Congress Yuvraj for municipal elections," the party said in a statement today.

The 41-year-old AICC General on padayatra - 'Kisan Sandesh Yatra' - in western UP, a foot march billed as a campaign against the prime minister Mayawati prior to Congress 'proposed "Kisan mahapanchayat' in Aligarh district, 9 July.

BSP said that if Rahul is really worried about farmers' problems, he must try to ensure that prices of diesel and fertilized brought under control by the Congress-led government "instead of the implementation of this drama in Uttar Pradesh in the name of the peasants ".

It is said that Congress had really sensitive to the plight of farmers in his 38-year rule in UP, as their situation is different, and the image of state would be completely different.

"It is because of the anti-farmer" policies of central government, farmers today face enormous hardships, "the party.

There was, would the UPA government has been sensitive to the price of diesel, which has a direct impact on agriculture and farmers have gone.

"Congressional leaders are indulging in such drama out of ordinary people who follow the allegations of corruption against the UPA government."

"It's only for the rest of the news that Congress can Yuvraj Bhatta Parsaul or want to visit Aligarh," it said, adding that he was worried about the peasants he would have visited the congress ruled states.

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