Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Telangana rages as Delhi dithers

Telangana rages as Delhi dithers

Telangana is a short fuse. Andhra Pradesh is an uncomfortable reminder of the central government, that time is short.

Unfortunately, not a bomb disposal expert was in sight on the state one day off, unless Ghulam Nabi Azad goofy call, one (he is now widely mocked for saying homosexuality is a disease).

In the absence of a wise voice in Delhi or Hyderabad, you can expect politicians of all colors to confuse and confound you in the coming days. Telangana is a sensitive issue, and not just for demanding their own state.

After agreeing with the state of Telangana be granted in 2009, Delhi is now dithering. Interior Minister P Chidambaram, who announced that he would be the process of forming a new government in that year, which speaks of a consultation process again.

It does not go well with the Telangana supporters. Andhra Pradesh is now ruled by the Congress, a party beset by controversy inside and out. It cannot pretend all is well and move on.

In 2009, to Delhi a Commission study on the question. Justice Srikrishna Commission headed by quickly got to work. It its report in December 2010, suggesting ways to solve the problem. The Commission acknowledged the ground realities that demand for sovereignty enjoys popular support. The center has little reason to postpone action on Telangana.

Health Azad, a delegation arrived in Telangana Tuseday is not committing to much. He said the state was a "sensitive and complicated issue", prompted a joke on Twitter that he may have interfered with his speeches, and went on to say about Telangana, he said about homosexuality.

What about Telangana? The northern part of the state believe that it is dominated by politicians from southern and coastal areas in the Telugu country. The 10 districts of Telangana was part of Andhra Pradesh in 1956, when states were reorganized throughout India. It seems that there were many skeptics, even then, with Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru openly expressing doubts about marriage.

In the last five decades, Telangana leaders claim that their region is discriminated against non-Telangana districts swing all means.The bandh, which began Tuesday (July 5) revives demand for a separate state. Andhra Pradesh has almost completely closed, and bandh continues on Wednesday.

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