Friday, July 8, 2011

Source Code Movie Review

Source Code
Groundhog Day with the inevitable comparisons. Influential action film, which takes the hero of the brave. Complete mastery of the case develops. 12 Monkeys is one that in mind.

There will be a lot of loose ends, but do not remove them more about the secrets of evoking the film. Humans respond to their situations. This camera allows us to study up close.

Almost half of the film is played with haunting camera. Back to the point of view through the furnace. When we look at the most to show, there is no evidence of an audience. As a viewer, we are the Deutschland-voyeurs.

Source Code
How movies work normally, if somewhat playfully and self-consciously about the Outlook. We hop between mind and reality.

A story with no plot, "one mind" It becomes more and more like a story.

Why are so snobby? Common reference point for extended discussion.

Wittgenstein loved movies, they also clean shower after your day job is found.

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