Monday, July 11, 2011

St. Basil's Cathedral

On Tuesday, the search giant tribute to the mother of Russia St. Basil's Cathedral 450 th anniversary of the consecration of a Google Doodle for Google (Manila time) is paid.Google's home page, visitors are familiar with Google's logo can be found in the Cathedral of the integrated image. 

St. Basil's Cathedral, to take on the Google search results for the visitor to click on the logo.12 its 450 anniversary last October 14, marks the end of July celebrations with the Cathedral.However, it is known to all as Mother St. Basil, "the gap in favor of the Virgin in the Cathedral" is famous building official. Blessed Basil is a popular choice, a Muscovite 'holy fool' who in a few years (or once a Trinity Cathedral) was buried at the first site is referred to the current building was built.

Cathedral Ivan, terrible Kazan, Marc ordered the Mongol forces by capturing the 1552. It was completed in 1560. The true history of this celebrated landmark is very much at all about the famous mother. However, it was a myth.Historians say the consensus is nothing but urban legend.When Father Christmas, Yule logs, and Mother St. Basil's Cathedral in Moscow, snowy scene, including Google, are usually steered clear of any overt Christian symbols.

Athens Acropolis, Great Wall of China and the Sydney Harbour Bridge or the roles of great international sites in a particular cultural context, the 17 images.A Polish dumpling semicircular - - Moroccan henna lamps and Oud, a Middle Eastern guitar a different design, pierogi are.Google visitors use your mouse to roll the image, it expands, and if you click on, explaining that the image takes the user through a list of websites.

Between them, designers holiday theme, food, architecture, dance, and the textile industry should focus on the decision.12 days, Cathedral July, and October 14 Pokrov, intercession Orthodox Cathedral is dedicated to the holiday was over.Russia, three hundred and ninety million rubles (14 million) to the first anniversary celebrations were spent to renovate the building.In 1990, the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization World Heritage Site of Cathedral.

Moscow Kremlin and Red Square as part of a World Heritage site of the cathedral.

Tribute was also paid to the creators of the Jerusalem Church, ninth, star of eight points out of a medieval symbol of the central building were released around eight churches. The main building of the Cathedral Church of the Intercession stylistic and new additions to the basic concept has been added to levels below our hiding. In fact, when built, the Cathedral of all white - white stone Kremlin was a match, and a variety of onion domes were gold color and pattern as they are today.

A-hip-roofed 17 th century, the bell tower, gallery staircase and vaulted ceilings were covered with, and helmeted domes were replaced with decorative ones. Cathedral with the reconstruction of more complex and integrated design was painted in 1860 and then remained without changes.

Soviet Union, there was talk of St. Basil's mother down - largely because the Red Square parade for Stalin's plans submitted. You survived thanks to the courage of the architect Pyotr Baranovsky. When the demolition was ordered to prepare for the building, he obviously refused, and sent a telegram to the Kremlin is very blunt. Cathedral conservation efforts Baranovsky was, and he got five years in prison.

Cathedral is now a museum. During restoration work in the seventies, was discovered within the walls of a wooden spiral staircase. Users now have a remarkable, soaring tented roof and pave the central church takes in a 16th century iconostasis. You can also narrow, winding gallery, I can walk with are covered in patterned paintwork.

Day of October in the Cathedral is a service of intercession.

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