Monday, July 11, 2011

Sunny wants to continue his rivalry with Shahrukh

Plans are being formed before the release of Sunny Deol is the New Year I LOVE NEW YEAR on Christmas Eve. So far so good. Only holders (and big one at that) that Shahrukh Khan's DON 2 scheduled to come on the same day or the 23 December As the back story of this decision, it makes a collision more interesting. 

For the uninitiated, it was more than a decade and a half years ago, when things soured between Shahrukh and Sunny. Yash Chopra as the dramatic psychological thriller Darre Sunny had chosen one of the leading hero of the piece, while Shahrukh was basically a villain. But as the film progresses, so impressed was Chopra with Shahrukh Sr. BAAZIGAR that the boy was finally a hero who went off with all the sympathy in the same sunny presence seemed a cameo. 

"Since then, Sunny soured relations with all types of Chopra and Shahrukh," the source continues, "So when the opportunity came to fight back when he hurt the most, not shying away, and Sunny are now given the go-ahead for their romantic comedies, is Shahrukh a thriller. "In addition, Sunny more confident in their decision because of his YAMALA PAGLA DEEWANA will be the second biggest hit to date. Enjoying a new life, if he makes no concessions. Meanwhile, an achievement all the more or less seals Abhishek Bachchan who is now thinking about moving his players to arrive later.

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