Tuesday, July 5, 2011

World Champ heads to Knysna

World Champ heads to Knysna

Four times and the current reigning World Champion, Conrad Stoltz will present his first DUESOUTH XTERRA Knysna presented by REHIDRAT ® Sport on Thursday.

According to Stoltz, this is his first winter in South Africa since 1992. "I am currently in my first winter in the Cape.

It is something of a shock, but also very beautiful. Fortunately, my early XTERRA racing season in the U.S. went so well with me for five to win the six races, I could take All time out of the international race to South Africa.

XTERRA Knysna visit a duathlon format and is the ideal way to meet new people to introduce the sport XTERRA and swimming legs are often the most intimidating for beginners. I have nothing personally against a duathlon have, as long as the course is fun and technically. I love off-road racing, "says Stoltz.

"I'm not sure what to expect in Knysna, but I know it's a fast race with many unable to swim out of the woodwork coming racing rabbits," says Stoltz. "I'm really looking forward to race Kevin Evans, for he is a great athlete and I know that all professional mountain bike much in their season goes. "

Stoltz's visit to South Africa is twofold, because he is here to help plan her wedding. After shooting for his fifth XTERRA World Championship title in October of this year, Conrad Stoltz married former South Africa captain Liezel Wium Netball.

In addition to Kevin Evans, will also face stiff competition from Stoltz Dan Hugo and Lieuwe Boonstra, Michelle Lombardi while Hanlie Booyens and the athletes to watch in the women's race.

The DUESOUTH XTERRA Knysna is a run / bike / run format. Has some of the most popular Challenge and the Nedcor Big5 Knysna Oyster Festival, participants can take part individually or in teams of two.

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