Thursday, August 9, 2012

'The Bourne Legacy' review

If you are not the "Bourne" movies are a fan? - Perhaps you were confused about the latest entry, "The Bourne Legacy." For starters, the secret superagent Jason Bourne as star Matt Damon, a worrying sign is not to say the least.

Also missing director Paul Greengrass, the two top - flight entertainment is turned off in cheap detective. While we're at it, the book that inspired "The Bourne Legacy 'even' series The original author, was written by Robert Ludlum.

It turns out the "Bourne Legacy" Bourne or even your secret is not about Treadstone Group, but the result and agent, Aaron Cross from another program (Jeremy Renner), is called. 

In an attempt to brand continuity, to show the face of previous films - Scott Glenn CIA Director Ezra Kramer, whistle - blower Joan Allen as Pamela Landy in - but a brutal civil conspiracy, run by Lieutenant Colonel Eric Byer (an effective Edward Norton). Same story, different names.

You almost have to buy bait and switch if Damon Renner also a beam of intensity and vulnerability is discovered. 

Hollywood action hero in the "Marvel's Avengers," the latest "Mission Impossible" Renner is set to turn, but here he is again a sad, grim-faced figure who is too busy looking for any sense of or show a sense of humor. 

'Cross budding romance scientist Marta shearing (an ill-used Rachel Weisz) does not play with: it is not clear why this self-critical to drip to fall, even though he had saved his life.

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  1. All of the action in the last 30 minutes really does make up for the slow start and that was one of the most thrilling aspects of this movie. Other than the fact that Aaron Cross wasn’t the type of character you messed with, regardless of whether or not his name was Jason Bourne. Great review.