Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Another Bigger scandal than Spectrum scandal???

hotnewsNew Delhi :: 2 G spectrum scandal surrounded the government rather large one and is looking Afnsti spectrum scandal. Indeed, in 2005, ISRO's commercial unit internal Corporation Limited and devas Multimedia Pvt Ltd over spectrum between the 20-year deal was. According to the report, the CAG's initial assessment that the deal to the exchequer at least two lakh crore losses. CAG is currently investigated. CAG 2G spectrum allocation in case of loss of Rs 1.76 lakh crore was estimated.

BJP hands on the latest revelations - take hand directly to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has sought cleaning. BJP spokesman said Nirmala Sitaraman, "CAG S - band spectrum sales over the alleged scam, which is estimated to him that it is a bigger scandal than 2G spectrum allocation issue." Nirmala Sitaraman said, 'This space is a matter of the Ministry and the Ministry is directly under Prime Minister Manmohan Singh. So we want to give my statement on the matter directly to the prime minister.

Sitarman alleged that the former scientific advisor to ISRO M. G. Chandrasekhar now chairman of multimedia devas, which this rare secret way spectrum is allocated in very cheap price. He said the idea of the scam can be gauged from these facts that the rare 190 MHz S - band spectrum Bsienel almost half of the 70 Maegaherts MTNL and twelve thousand crores has been allocated, while a mere one thousand million devas Multimedia Rs.

Devas is the multimedia?
Devas in 2004, ISRO's former scientific secretary of multimedia doc MG Shekhar started in Bangalore. WorldSpace satellite radio company before he was managing director, who has wound its business in India last year. Deutsche Telecom in 2008, the 17% stake in Devas Multimedia for $ 7.5 million taken. Kiran Karnik, the director of the company's board, including luminaries like Larry Bebio and Gary Parsons.

What is the plan?
The company on mobile satellite broadband service, including Pletaforms wants to provide. The company claims that it Wi - Fi to work on the lines of the portable device is devised. devas Multimedia says that to prevent collision of trains location and its interaction with the Indian Railways is going on. According to the company, the 2009 and 2010 that the system has been successfully tested.

What deal was?
Multimedia Devas on January 28, 2005 launch the satellite from ISRO's commercial unit internal GSET GSET -6 e-6 and S band Tronspoharder take on lease agreement. After the deal with the company Tronspoharder - 2500 MHz band with 70 MHz of spectrum bands were found. Currently their price is much higher. devas multimedia satellite and terrestrial networks through plans to launch the broadband service.

devas multimedia - Pre-launch and satellite lease of reservation for $ 4 million dollars was to pay 25 Corr. In addition the company's board ISRO / internal a representative involved. Since launching service between the two parties sharing Rivenjo part of the deal, but the pattern has not been disclosed. Once the service launch, the company plans to invest 50 to 75 million, too.

When will service start?
ISRO to launch two new satellite was about the same in 2010 but it is too late. ISRO now through Europe Arianspess GSET-6 launch plans, delays in the project in the deal is Parvdhana give ISRO devas multimedia penalty. devas Multimedia says that will soon launch its satellite service will also begin.

devas is licensed to do multimedia?
The company's license with an Internet service provider - with 74% foreign investment is approved. Telecom department trial spectrum and license it is found to apply to its plan. But screw the company to service the satellite may have a patent. Also, it is not clear that the company made payments without using terrestrial spectrum can not."

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