Monday, February 7, 2011

ganesh jayanti 2011

Today, February 7, 2011 in the fourth or Magh Shukla (waxing moon phase) side Chaturthi day is during the month. Maharashtra Day is celebrated as Ganesh Jayanti. Northern parts of India, the day is celebrated as Til Chaturthi. Day is celebrated as Tilkunda and Varad Chaturti.

On this occasion I made a short prayer or Prarthana Shri Ganesh.This a little prayer dedicated to easily relate to all of you who want to hear it difficult to pronounce and long Chalisas not find Stotras.It the particular, but important how much you pray you pray to. Congratulations to all a Happy Ganesh Jayanti.

श्री गणेश प्रार्थना
जय जय श्री गणेश दिव्य शारीरम् l
जय जय श्री गणेश अज्ञान विनाशंम् l
जय जय श्री गणेश सर्व दुख़हरणंम् l
जय जय शक्तिपुत्र नम:स्तुते ll

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