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Good Wishes To Annu Kapoor On His Birthday 20 Feb

Annu Kapoor
Annu Kapoor was born on 20 February 1956 is an Indian film actor and television presenter, best remembered for hosting the singing reality show Antakshari.

When Annu Kapoor turns 50, there's more than enough reason for celebration. This time, it was the actor's family that went all out to make the event a special one.

Annu Kapoor

While Kapoor was busy conducting a special classical music concert for Parampara, his family set up a rather interesting evening at J W Marriott.

Annu Kapoor
A major highlight was the short film shot by Annu's sister Seema, and brother Nikhil. A walk down memory lane, it had vignettes from Annu's old school and college days, his teachers, messages and wishes from his friends and family.

Wife Pammi, who was responsible for bringing so many people from her husband's past together, also prepared a collage that captured Annu's career through the years.


Annu Kapoor made his debut in the film Mandi directed by Shyam Benegal in 1979.[3] His career has spanned nearly 31 years including a distinctive presence in Bollywood cinema, television serials, and reality game shows. He is best remembered for hosting the singing show Antakshari produced by silver screen veteran Gajendra Singh. He recently won critical acclaim for his character of a neighbor and debt collector in Raincoat (film) in 2004.

In 2007 the mega hit programme Antakshari came back from the dead on Star One. It was widely publicized in 2006 that it was going to end for ever and a grand grand finale was held for the same. During its initial course of running, Antakshari ran from 1993 to 2006 on Zee TV.

Annu Kapoor hosted Antakshari: The Great Challenge, Juhi Parmar, on Star Plus.Annu Kapoor also acted as Kabir in a DD serial by the same name.

Personal life
Annu Kapoor
Annu Kapoor is a follower of numerology. With the coming of Antakshari-The Great Challenge on Star One, he has changed the spelling of his last name from Kapoor to Kapur (along with Gajendra Singh who spells his name with an extra 'R' in the first name, and an extra 'I' in the last name.)

In the 3 October 2007 episode of the DD National show Music, Masti aur Dhoom, Anu Kapoor stated that he wanted to become a surgeon, but he could not afford to study as his family was poor. In an episode of the DD National show Wheel Smart Shrimati, he mentioned that he was born in Jhalawar in rajasthan......

Annu Kapoor

He is the ex-brother-in-law of actor Om Puri. His sister, Seema Kapoor, a documentary film-maker, married Om Puri in 1990 & was divorced by the actor in 1993.

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