Saturday, June 25, 2011

The Final Destination

I am expecting a mild sell off, after days of gains. For the love of fuck, I am up 5%+ right now.
I sold out of big positions: AG and CVI. I bought a little more CLF and started new positions in YGE and DHI. I kicked out HOGS when it was up a buck and took a minor loss in VIT and SOHU. I am keeping everything on a short leash.

Considering my cautious stance, I upped my cash levels to 15%. I am not in a rush to sell everything, mainly due to my overweight exposure to WNR, now more than 30% of assets. I know it’s a lot and is not “safe” in the traditional asset allocation sense of the word. However, I am emphatic about the prospects of the company. Plus the voices in my head tell me to buy as much as I can whenever I can.

I am now up for the year and in a position to buy dips. Keep in mind, 15% of my assets is like everything you could possible save during your lifetimes, multiplied by a factor of 1 zillion.

Life is good and my pimp hand smacks the teeth out of the mouths of those who act against me.
On a side note, you are all cordially invited for a Q and A this evening, on StockTwits, from 11:30pm to midnight. I would do it past midnight. However, as you know, at midnight, I turn into a vampire bat and fly away.

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