Saturday, June 25, 2011

Gujarat’s Annual Plan Size Is Rs38,000 Crore

Narendra Modi
Gujarat annual plan for 2011-12 was prepared to Rs38, 000 crore in the meeting between the chief minister Narendra Modi and Deputy Chairman Montek Singh Ahluwalia Planning Commission in New Delhi on Friday.

Approved plan size is 26.67% higher than last year's Plan size of Rs30 000 crore. At the meeting expressed Modes confidence that the economy would achieve the targeted growth of 11.2% in 11 Five-year plan.

He said the government would launch several new initiatives and schemes due to large increases in the size of the plan.

Deputy Chairman Montek Singh Ahluwalia considered the government's efforts to improve the pace of development and to create investment environment.

He said, imaginative use of public-private partnerships for major projects was particularly praiseworthy. He has also evaluated the performance of agriculture, education and energy sectors.

Addressing members of the Planning Commission, the modes are said to have been a steady increase in development spending in recent years due to increased government spending on education, health, nutrition, agriculture and irrigation and regulation of non-construction costs through restructuring of debt, reduce the cost of borrowing and the size of the right people.
CM has also talked about the increasing cases of violation of the federal government's Dharma. "The UPA government seems to be to get into the problems clearly and economic freedom. Action Center is the centralization of authority and issues of state intervention," he said.

He touched on a number of cases in the center of "injustice" to the country, and called it an anti-farmer and anti-poor. He also noted a number of questions about the various ministries in Gujarat was started.

Modi said that these issues were affecting the pace of development of the country and its economy. He complained that
Despite repeated statements from the Government Center had a positive response.

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