Monday, June 27, 2011

Nokia’s First Windows Phone Leaked

The first mobile phone with Windows operating system runs an online leak. Singapore held by the closed doors of their pain, the prototype, which is the first Windows Mobile device is based around 7 curled hair was full of reporters on the Sturgeon thin black edge. With the camera turned on
Code - named "Sea Ray" because you take pictures before the hearing that it was Stephen Sturgeon was banned because it does not start. Sturgeon is a clip so as to prevent the prisoners, "a secret" as is "taken from their cameras." This manga -8 megapixel Carl Zeiss you were writing for a glass touch screen to run a "First things are marked, and you will get, and weeds sit amet, N9 MeeGo ( As I said, in addition to Engadget. button), LED flash back to another place N9 sea ray holes.

The manga pictures of the face validity of the new features - tagging, Xbox, more Facebook (for example, Facebook is automatically displayed in Microsoft Office will be taken to mean calendar) integration, synchronization, and Windows calls the "hub" will be as brand or suggestions.

Easy now, no more during the month of October in London.

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