Sunday, July 3, 2011

Opposition Pheu Thai wins election - Exit polls

Opposition Pheu Thai wins election -- Exit polls

BANGKOK, 3rd July (Xinhua) - The exit polls released at 3:00 local time Sunday revealed that the Thai opposition Pheu Thai party won an overwhelming victory by winning 299 of the 500 seats in parliament in general elections, while the ruling Democratic Party has 132 seats.

According to exit polls from Abac Research Center, Thai Pheu expected to secure 65 seats, while the Democrat is expected to gain 40 seats from party-list system.

With regard to constituency system Pheu Thai is expected to be able to secure 234 seats, while the Democrats expected to win 92 seats.

Some 47.3 million voters nationwide went to the polls to pick 500 members of the House of Representatives and House of Representatives - 375 members of the single-seat constituencies and another 125 in the party-list group.

For the constituency votes, wins the candidate who gets the most votes in the constituency seat in that constituency.

For the party-list vote each party receives the 125 seats in proportion to the number of votes they win.

The election began at 8 o'clock and ended at 15:00 local time Sunday.

This choice of the ruling Democratic Party very well against its big rival - opposition Pheu Thai. It becomes a difficult exam or Thai finally narrow, if not the end, deep divisions in society.

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