Friday, July 8, 2011

Who says I've been faithful: Mahesh Bhatt

Who says I've been faithful: Mahesh Bhatt
'Sex' will be an integral part of the flicks that are being made under Mahesh Bhatt's production banner. Mahesh Bhatt, who is well known for making sensational and bold statements, recently admitted on national television that he may not necessarily have been a loyal lover in life.
Mahesh Bhatt, who was recently seen as a celebrity judge accompanied by his nephew Emraan Hasmi on Emotional Atyachaar 3, shocked the host of the reality show Pravesh Rana with his candid answers.
During the shoot of the episode, The host asked Mahesh a personal question with respect to infidelity. He asked him as to whether anyone has ever cheated him. Instead of avoiding the question, Mr. Bhatt promptly answered on national television, "Somebody must have, but who says that I have been faithful"!
Rana was taken aback with Mr. Bhatt`s candid response but was impressed by his straightforwardness.

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